A la recherche du temps perdu

A lovely thing happened to me today. In July I lost one of my favourite bracelets – one made from dyed freshwater pearls. The clasp must have broken somewhere between a cafe in South Kensington – where I was meeting someone for coffee the day before flying out to Singapore – and my ballet class. When I took off my jacket to change for ballet it was gone.

I had been meaning to replace it and today I happened to be passing the shop where it was from. I looked at the the window display for something similar and the designer was there. He remembered me getting the bracelet five years ago and was sorry to hear I had lost it and was missing it. He could have sold me another one the same, made to order, but instead he gave me a much more beautiful one to replace it and a pretty jewellery box. I was lost for words – nearly in tears. Kindness like this restoring my faith in human nature.


Inspired by a Proustian instagram, I am baking Madeleines. À la recherche du temps perdu, je cherche les petites moules à madeleine …

And here are the Madeleines I made


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