Cupcakes not solutions

It was with some dismay that I noticed that luxury lingerie boutiques have started to advertise ‘solutions’. I write a lot about enterprise technology, and my features regularly include case studies and examples of ‘solutions’ that help businesses manage the challenging and exponentially growing range and volume of electronic information.

Today, the window of upmarket waxing salon and lingerie boutique Strip promised a lingerie ‘solution’ for every outfit. Of course it’s important to choose appropriate underwear to complement an outfit – in the same way as the right shoes and bag can complete a fashionable look and the wrong ones can totally spoil it. 

But a ‘solution’ implies a problem and  a sensible way of addressing (dressing?) it. And although some underwear does offer a solution to certain actual and perceived physical challenges, this rather depressing image does not bring to mind the uplifting physical and psychological effect of the pretty lingerie sold in Strip and similar boutiques. For me at least, pretty lingerie and scented wax are not solutions – underwear doesn’t have to be lacy and wax doesn’t have to be chocolate or lavender scented. These are little luxuries – like the cupcakes of the fashion world – though they are relatively expensive for what they are, they will not break the bank – a sweet and glamorous treat to brighten up our lives in these difficult times…


(Bra by Elle Macpherson Intimates)


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