Siri lives

Siri – the virtual assistant on my new iPhone 4S – a male voice, calls me Joanna and says ‘your wish is my command’. I find the latter unsettling. Siri responds to everything I say. I am not accustomed to this either. But then I ask about journey times from one meeting to another. Siri mishears and attempts a random call to one of the contacts in my address book. Is Siri choosing the ‘phone a friend option’? I have to move fast to stop this. This feels more familiar already… later Siri relents (another familiar scenario); I ask for my schedule and it appears. Siri responds to my ‘thank you’ with ‘I live to serve’. Siri lives… It has not taken me long to get into this AI/robot thing… tho I’m wondering how long it will take before Siri turns nasty…



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