Tweet treats


Social media during the holidays brings tweet treats!

Twitter had a different atmostphere over Christmas. There was a tendancy for people to post photos of their culinary achievements. A blogger who I follow for his astute observations on the legal sector posted a photo of beautiful home-made biscuits. When I complimented him on these, he sent me the recipe – from an Italian cookery course – in several installments of 140 characters. I baked the biscuits, which were as good as they looked, and posted a photo!

And last week, a publisher and author resolved to write more letters, in a bid to revive the endangered art of letter writing. He offered to send a postcard to any of his followers who wanted one. As one who regrets the demise of the postcard as part of the collateral damage of online and mobile communication, of course I did. I thought it would be just a postcard: I did not anticipate the effort that went into the words and images that he sent me. An exquisite card depicting a retro-style cover illustration of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic novel The Great Gatsby –  I wrote on my profile that I am fascinated by the blend of style and sadness – with a beautifully written account of the writer’s four encounters with another of my all-time favourite authors, Haruki Murakami. I was (temporarily) lost for words; now I am writing back.

One of the many things that fascinates me about blogging – and micro-blogging – is that, unlike the professional writing I do, where I am commissioned to write for a specific readership, you never know who will read and respond to your words and where they will take you. Or put more simply, there are some amazing people on Twitter.




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