Personal Space – a short film I wrote

I wrote this short film for the London 48 Hour Film Project 2012. It didn’t win, but it was shown at the Prince Charles cinema in Leicester Square and featured in all the event trailers. It was amazing to work with a highly talented creative team (collaboration between Motion Blurr and Nude Up Productions), experience filmmaking first-hand and then see my work on the big screen for the first time.

Personal Space is being shown at a London indy short film event and has been shortlisted for two film festivals, one in the UK and one in California.

This is my first IMDb credit as a screenwriter, which to me is a big step in the right direction. I am starting with short films and have just started work on a new project – a genre mash-up: gothic, dark sci-fi, multi-lingual … hopefully disturbing…


2 Responses to Personal Space – a short film I wrote

  1. Duncan Eadie says:

    A lot went into 5 minutes of film, and not a word was said! The dialogue is made up from the powerful soundtrack – eerie, scary and full of atmosphere. The subject is a famous girl who "wants to be alone". She runs from a beige world where she is the centre of attention, unable to even have a quiet drink, into the barred window prison of her home. Does she find solace ?At one point she stares at you, through you – into you. Only then does she become alive as she hides further away. Here she finds life, sound, colour – and even manages a smile, gorging on a cake – the forbiden fruit of a models world. We’ve all felt like her at some point , but we dont all have a place to hide. Is there room for two ?

  2. Joanna Goodman says:

    Thank you so much. The girl’s notoriety is the result of a liaison she regrets. Even in her home she is not free from persecution. She finds an unorthodox escape. Is it a magic box, or is the sweetness – symbolised by the sunshine and cake -somewhere in her imagination? I revealed a lot, perhaps too much. The soundtrack was devised by the very talented Robbie McKane of Motion Blurr.

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