Rorschach pie

I made a steak and Guinness pie. I found the recipe in a random way. It was posted online by someone who found it on a piece of paper that someone else had left on a bus. She took the recipe home and decided to try it. It was the best pie she had ever eaten, so she shared the recipe on the website where I found it. The pie was indeed delicious. As well as steak, Guinness and vegetables, it included the magic ingredients Worcester sauce, tomato puree and sugar.

There was exactly the right amount of filling for my pie dish, and I had quite a lot of pastry left over, which gave me the opportunity to make some edible decorations. So I made two butterfly shapes and six leaf shapes. Then I remembered the little feet pastry cutters that I use to make cheesy biscuits to serve with drinks. So I cut out four little pastry feet and added them to the design. Now I had a garden with footprints.

After I took the pie out of the oven, I posted a photo of my handiwork on twitter where someone suggested my decorations depicted anatomical parts. Well, feet are anatomical parts and my butterflies are a representation of insect anatomy, albeit with quite a lot of artistic licence. Rorschach pie – each of us sees the world from our own unique perspective and interprets it differently from everyone else – and that is the magic.


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