Reporting from the future! The UK’s first Legal IT interview via Google Glass

On 12th March I attended the South West Legal IT Forum meeting, which included a presentation on Google Glass by Jet Basrawi, a technologist at DigitasLBi & Google Glass Explorer. I was reporting the event for the Law Society Gazette – I write their IT column – and for Legal IT Today, the magazine that I edit. What I didn’t expect was Jet to have two Google Glass devices and to offer me the chance of doing the UK’s first legal IT interview to be filmed entirely on Glass – I filmed Jet and Jet filmed me. It was an impromptu interview and this short video includes footage from both devices.
We are planning a longer, more structured interview with an external camera filming us both. Meanwhile, here is what in many ways was my best-ever moment as a technology writer. I felt like I was a reporter from the future – or playing a journalist in a sci-fi movie.

Thanks to Jet Basrawi for providing the devices and making it happen, Duncan Eadie for inviting me to the South West Legal IT Forum meeting at Foot Anstey’s offices in Bristol, Sam Mardon for video editing and George Wilson for the music.


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