Justice Gap on the London Legal Walk

Here is the Justice Gap team before setting off on the London Legal Walk on Monday evening (the photo is from Gary’s photos on organiser Natalia Rymaszewska’s album). I chose this photo – there are a few – because it reflects the fun atmostphere.  


Another blogger wrote that lawyers and others walking for a good cause was not exactly a physical challenge. This is true – particularly as it was a beautiful sunny evening after weeks of rain – and there was a festival atmosphere, with people in all sorts of costumes, including policemen on stilts and these people dressed as trees (hedges?)


As someone else wrote, the scale of the event demonstrated the solidarity of support within the sector for an important cause – free legal advice. Over 6,000 lawyers and others turned up to walk 10k around London raising £525,000 for London’s free legal advice agencies.

I took this photo of the legal crowd on the Embankment – if you look closely, you can see some of the Justice Gap team!


It was a privilege to take part and to meet many outstanding members of the legal profession – including, of course, the Justice Gap team. Thanks are due to Amanda Bancroft and Kim Evans for organising the Justice Gap team. The post-walk drinks were sponsored by Allen & Overy.

 Jon Harman, also walking with the Justice Gap, made this video, which in just a few minutes, encapsulates the great atmosphere.

It may not have been an endurance test; and it was lovely to meet so many like-minded people – some of whom I had met virtually via twitter. But the fact that we had a fun time must not be allowed to detract from the success of the event and the importance of its cause. Thank you so much everyone who sponsored the London Legal Walk.

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